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Friday, March 12, 2010

Price of the handmade item.

Hello and good day everyone.

These are the price list of my handmade items.

Notebook(Large) + DESIGN = RM23
Notebook(Medium) + DESIGN = RM18
Notebook(Small) + DESIGN = RM12
Notebook case + DESIGN = RM18 *only Medium size available*

Keychain & mobile phone strap
Depend on design and size. Not including straps.
Start from RM3 and above.

Felt name
RM0.50 each letter

Small plushie (3" x 2")

Hard disk case
Simple design = RM10
A few decor = RM13

All my handmade items can be customized by customers! If the items you want to order are not in the price list, kindly mail or text me. ;)

Please read T&C section before you agree to order. hee :)

The price stated excluding postage price. It might be differ due to weight of the items and size. Thank you!

You will given free gift when you purchase from my blog. =)


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