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Friday, September 25, 2009

Notebook order.

Hey peeps,

Since there are many people question me the price of notebook, I wud like to put the price here. hee ;) *am i nice?haha*

First picture; Small notebook.

Second picture;Big notebook.

Material use:cotton cloth, felt, ribbon

*I have to increase the price due to material used.
**The picture above are only for sample. You can freely customize your own design.


*Deposit are require for the handmade order to avoid backout.The back out buyer list will not be entertain anymore. *I'm not doing your handmade until you deposit the money*

*Deposit required are half or more or full from the total amount or you can pay full amount.

*Please note that the felt name is calculate seperately. *click here for the feltname price*

*You have to wait until the handmade finish because it require some time to do it. If you're not tend to wait, please don't make any order. huhu ;)

Any question;
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or text me at 0139347840
Only inquiries will be entertained. No black-mail or hate-mail or immoral SMS.
And also please include your name or nickname. Ask me whatever you want to ask and make sure that you fully understand before make the order.



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Notebook,notebook. :)

Dear Athirah, these are for you hun. Hope u'll like them as u received the parcel. hee ;)

In row.

1. Athirah' notebook.

2. Bab' notebook. *purple princess*

3. Adani' notebook. *green and bee*

4. Nadia' notebook. *the pinky*